Get tons of compliments from friends and family on the music!  Have people actually dance at your wedding! Have FUN on your big day.

Looking for something other than the expected at your wedding reception?  Big fan of the Saturday night Admiral dance parties?  Whitney Shroyer (Dr. Filth) does several weddings a year, and one could be yours!  With years of experience, a vast vinyl record collection and a lifetime’s worth of musical knowledge, Dr. Filth’s unique blend of enthusiasm and attention to detail can make your reception a truly memorable night for everyone.  His soul-based set unites generations and really gets the party going. He can also incorporate your requests and suggestions into his own repetoire for a custom experience unlike any other DJ.

Dr. Filth provides his PA and microphone set up for your toasts and announcements, and is not strictly/exclusively vinyl based for weddings. His sets are more expansive than the Admiral’s usual fare, incorporating, if appropriate, hip hop, some disco and 80s, swing and jazz, and more.  He can be involved as you want, showing up only for the dance portion of the reception or providing excellent background music during coctails and dinner.

No light show, no video, no duck dance, no electric slide.

While he mainly works weddings around the Asheville area, Dr. Filth has travelled as far as Albuquerque and New Orleans for weddings and is willing to do so again, breadwilling.

“One of the best wedding DJs ever!” – E. Larson

Photo source: Breigh & Lloyd Hammarlund’s Wedding at Bell’s Cove

photo: Jennifer Callahan