The Double Crown & Tiger Mountain


Tiger Mountain Thirst Parlor and Young Person Gathering Place

Wednesdays: Country Night at The Double Crown with Greg Cartwright

Greg stopped doing the Admiral last year, but we still get together every Wednesday night and play country records. Our definition of country is as weird as our definition of soul. In addition to classic country like George Jones, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, we cover western swing, rockabilly, country and folk rock, soul country, and weird genres whose names only exist behind the Double Crown turntables (Mountainclimber Country, Gentryfied Country, and more!)

The Double Crown is in West Asheville, right next door to Battle Cat Coffee. Country night goes from 10 – 2 every Wednesday.  375 Haywood Road.  

Fridays: Rock & Soul at Tiger Mountain Thirst Parlour

Fridays at Tiger Mountain are all over the map, covering punk rock, 60s and 70s rock and roll, garage, some soul, some blues, some funk and other record nerdy action.  The vibe at the Mountain is very laid back and conversational, the staff is totally where it’s at, and I get to stand in front of Psychedelic Pixellated Bottle Cap Jesus every Friday night, so there’s that.

Tiger Mountain Thirst Parlour is located at 103 Broadway. Dr. Filth djs every Friday from 10:30 to close.