Saturday Nights at The Admiral


This is the greatest gig ever.  For the past six+ years the people of Asheville and beyond have come to the Admiral, in droves, every Saturday night to dance around to the craziest rock and roll, rhythm and blues, garage, rockabilly, funk, soul, whack-o records that Greg Cartwright and I could come up with.  Greg doesn’t do the show regularly anymore, but you’ll take this gig from me when you ply the 45 out of my cold, dead edge-to-interior grip. To get to DJ pretty much exactly the records I want and have people respond so enthusiastically and consistently, who could ask for anything more?  It is a source of never ending wonder and gratitude to me that the gig has been so well received and so well attended for so long.  Crazy dancing, wild fun, the best Saturday nights ever.

Please note!  Saturday Nights at the Admiral are strictly vinyl.  If you are thinking about coming to the Admiral for a birthday party or a bachelorette party or some other event-type thing and you would like to make a request, please contact me to let me know what specific songs you are looking for.  If I can figure out how to squeeze them in, I will, but I can’t play what I don’t bring.

The Admiral has dance parties every Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night is run by DJ Rob Castillo and features his uniquely danceable blend of all kinds of genres – everything from kraut rock to the latest hip hop.  Saturdays are Dr. Filth.  $2.00 cover both nights.  


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